This forum is integrated with the Strategy Dynamics website an when logged into the site you *should* be automatically logged into the forum too.  If you are having problems the forum may have simply timed out and the easiest solution will be to logout and then login again.   

When you ARE logged in the following should be evident: 

At top right there will be an icon showing the first letter of you name  - if you click that and your name (forum user name) is displayed then you are logged in correctly.
  Annotation 2019-01-15 083341.jpg 

You can also check this:   At the very bottom left of the page (below our copyright etc)  there is a bit of text which should  have a long string (something like  V2L0LpIw521UfeKJUltZ0knXFOLhBet0 ) on the end - but if there is a problem with your access this will be replaced by a "No forum access".

If logging out and in again does not resolve the problem please contact for assistance
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