Hi Tim, 

You explained about segmenting solutions in great detail. Thanks for the great review of step by step guides on how to work on complex segments. 

However, often when I use system dynamics in Economic analysis, there are a few variables of particular segment structure which affects other stocks or flows of other segments. 

Is there any special way to treat this?

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Take a case with a Large-customers segment and a Small-customers segment - but some Large customers become small each period and some Small customer become large.

If the two segments are in the same model, you simply have a flow from the Large Stock to the Small and a flow from the Small stock to the large. If using sub-models, though ...
  • the Large-customers sub-model will include an outflow of Large-customers lost to Small
  • in the Parent model create a copy of this item [can simply be a Variable] which calls its values from the Large-customer sub-model
  • the Small-customers sub-model will include an inflow of Small-customers added from Large, which calls its values from the item you added in the Parent model
The same principle applies for any item found in one segment sub-model that you want to use in another segment
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